Commercial Tires

At Benson Tire, we are committed to offering our customers a complete line of new tires that provide them great performance, long original treadlife and strong casings that can withstand multiple retreadings.

With our large inventory of Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tires, we are confident that we can provide excellent value to fleets and owner operators.

All of our tire products are available in the most popular sizes and designs and backed by a Nationwide Limited Warranty.

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Goodyear approaches retreading as part of a system that includes the new tire and its casing. Goodyear retreads are manufactured to help maximize the life of the casing and help minimize cost per mile. Long-wearing tread compounds are available for each application.

Goodyear offers a vast array of tread designs for three retreading processes: Precure, Mold Cure and its revolutionary UniCircle® process. Our UniCircle retreading process makes use of a seamless retread for treadwear and performance rivaling that of a new tire.

Whether you operate line haul, regional or mixed service trucks, you get the performance you need by choosing from our application-specific tread designs that offer like-new performance at a lower cost than new tires.

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Goodyear is the ultimate authority when it comes to delivering tough Off-The-Road (Earthmover) tires. Made with premium casings and durable compounds, these tires are built for heavy loads, solid traction and outstanding resistance to punctures. Add our dependable on-site service and limited warranty, and you've got the kind of support that keeps your heavy equipment moving!

Farm Tires

The world's leading OEMs, including John Deere, AGCO, New Holland and Shoreland, depend on Goodyear Titan's quality craftsmanship, unique tread designs and excellent durability for all types of off-highway applications. Shouldn't you?

Consumer, SUV and Light Truck Tires

For a complete line of Consumer, SUV and Light Truck Tires please visit: